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A masterpiece of socialist realist monumental art: 3 timeless works by Miodrag Živković


During the 1960s and 1970s, Zivkovic was part of numerous teams that designed memorial complexes throughout Yugoslavia in memory of the victims and events related to the national liberation war.

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The first kindergarten was established 179 years ago


The German word for kindergarten is one of the few that has entered the English language. And in many other languages, even Chinese, the appropriate word consists of the terms child and garden.


The 110-year-old tree created the most original and sweetest library ever


Although we live in the world of the Internet, with access to information at just one click, there is still something magical and important when it comes to books. The ability to immerse oneself in literary fiction and read slowly and carefully helps to encourage important skills such as critical thinking and empathy.